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The Finnish city of Helsinki offers tourists a large variety of family entertainments and attractions, sightseeing tours, amusement parks, museums, theatres and music venues.

Joining a themed tour to Helsinki tourist attractions outside of the city is a great way to experience Finnish life away from the capital and experience the country’s rich heritage. Families will enjoy the Bear Hunter’s Feast, a guided tour with live traditional Finnish folk dance and music, a “bear” and a “hunter”, a rich dinner with many delicacies, including various types of fish and meat, vegetable and desserts. With a bit of luck, visitors will also catch a glimpse of the elusive Santa Claus, whose home in the very north of Finland, an area called Lapland!

For tourists with a hire car there are wonderful half day trips into the forests that surround the city. Guided tours are available at Nuuksio National Park, a four hour adventure including travelling time from Helsinki. Visitors are invited on a 3 hour trek through the forest and are given the option of a 2 hour stay in the sauna to recover from their hike afterwards.

Just an hour’s drive from the city there is the charming town of Loviisa, where among the highlights are Malmgård Manor and the craft workshops at the Strömfors Iron Works. Loviisa also offers plenty of opportunity to go swimming, hiking, fishing and to play golf.

Helsinki and its immediate surroundings are teeming with excellent golf courses where enthusiasts of all levels can practice and enjoy a round of golf. Further afield, there are golf trips into Lapland or the Lakeland.

Life in Finland is mainly focused on outdoor activities and many Helsinki tourist attractions make the most of local expertise in this area. Cooking by campfire tours are very popular entertainments, where professional chefs help would-be explorers to get to grips with making a fire in the wilderness and cook their own meal from fresh ingredients. The various campfire tours are held in the Helsinki metropolitan area, never more than an hour’s drive away.

The Ateneum Art Museum ranks among the most popular of Helsinki tourist attractions as the largest art collection the country has to offer. There are more than 20,000 works of art, starting from the 1750s and ranging to the 1950s. The Ateneum Art Museum is part of the Finnish National Gallery.

Helsinki Cathedral satisfies the senses in a different way. Dating back to 1852, the cathedral represents Finland’s newly found independence from Russia. The gleaming white cathedral at Unioninkatu 29 is open to the general public from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm daily and in summer it remains open until midnight.

Helsinki Zoo was founded in 1889, making it one of the oldest zoos in the world. There are at least 200 different species housed at the zoo with an additional 1,000 examples of plants from around the globe. As part of a network of zoos participating in conservation programmes that help endangered species, Helsinki Zoo seeks to entertain, but mostly to educate people of all ages.

It’s hard to miss the National Museum of Finland, another one on the list of much loved Helsinki tourist attractions. Outside the imposing building with its flanking towers sits a rather large bear on a pedestal. The museum houses major archaeological finds and collections gathered over the past 170 years. There are many temporary exhibitions held throughout the year as well as a plethora of permanent displays explaining the rich culture and heritage of this proud nation.

At Sea Life Helsinki old and young visitors will forget time and won’t want to leave! There is just so much to see, as visitors take a voyage through the oceans. From the tropics to the Arctic and Baltic Sea, the marine creatures and plants encountered on the way will never be anything less than amazing. There are sharks and rays, crabs and starfish, all manner of marine life swimming through a transparent tunnel that allows visitors to get close and personal with the likes of jellyfish & co.

For more information about Helsinki tourist attractions, please visit the official tourism website at, which is available in several languages.

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