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Getting To Helsinki Airport

Reaching Helsinki Vantaa Airport from central Helsinki locations and other parts of Finland is fairly easy, as good public transport options and a convenient road system are in place. From 2014 onwards passengers will be able to take direct trains into a airport train station, too.

The airport is located only 17 km from the city and a variety of bus connections provide cheap and convenient public transport.

Getting to Helsinki Vantaa Airport by Bus and Coach

The airport has its own bus and coach terminal, where long-distance buses connect Lapland in the north of the country to the rest of Finland and the airport. TrainBus Express coach services cover mostly ski resorts and those parts of the country, where there is no rail coverage. Bus Line 540 connect Espoo Train Station with Helsinki-Vantaa. Passengers from Turku and other parts of Finland alight at this train station to reach the airport.

Shuttle service 615 connects Helsinki Central Train Station with the airport. air travellers staying at some of the nearby hotels can board this service to reach the airport, as the bus stops at these hotels en route. It takes around 30 to 55 minutes to get from the train station to the airport, depending on the time of travelling. At night this service is replaced by bus line 620N.

Bus line 61 also connects Tikkurila Train Station and Helsinki Vantaa Airport. A total of 6 bus connections per hour leave during the week. A reduced weekend service leaves four times per hour. It takes 20 minutes to arrive at the airport and both terminals are covered en route.

Finnair’s Express bus service takes only 30 minutes from central Helsinki locations to reach the airport.

Getting to Helsinki Vantaa Airport by Train

From 2014 onwards a brand new rail service will link the airport with Tikkurila Train Station cutting the travelling time between train station and airport to just 8 minutes. Until then, air travellers must take either a taxi or travel via one of the aforementioned bus routes.

The commuter train network links with Tikkurila Train Station, from where the above mentioned shuttle will take passengers to the airport. Long-distance trains also stop at Tikkurila Train Station. Trains from Tikkurila Train Station link with destinations such as Tampere and Lahti, parts of Lapland and Saint Petersburg and Moscow in Russia.

It is advisable to purchase tickets for long-distance train journeys in advance, which can result in great savings. Tickets can be ordered online at, where train passengers will also find information on special discounts, regular ticket prices and train times.

Getting to Helsinki Airport by Taxi

Taxi ranks can be found outside large international hotels, Helsinki Central Train Station, Tikkurila Train Station and similar public transport terminals. A typical journey from city center locations to the airport will cost between EUR 35.00 to EUR 40.00 and will take roughly 30 minutes to complete.

Getting to Helsinki Airport by Car

The airport offers a choice of five official car hire suppliers with rental stations being located between the two terminals.

The expressway links the city with the airport. Customers with a rental car to drop off should head to the designated parking area in car park P3B.

The city of Helsinki has expressway links to the west to Turku, to the north to Tampere and Lahti and to the east to Porvoo and Saint Petersburg in Russia. Travelling from central Helsinki drivers should use the Tuusula road (Hwy 45) and follow the signs to the airport. Drivers coming from either the west or the east of Helsinki should travel on the Hwy E18 (Kehä III) or Hwy 50 and follow signs to the airport.

Motorists travelling to the airport to drop off passengers should follow the signs to the Pikaparkki car parking lot, which is located in front of the two terminals. In this parking facility motorists are permitted to stop briefly to either drop off or collect people in the green parking zones.

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